01-08-2018 – Work

What I’m reading: Here Is Real Magic: A Magician’s Search for Wonder in the Modern World

Got good writing done today, 1,700 words committed to electrons, 3 chapters edited (Cutting about 500 words, lets not talk net words, mmmkay?)

Excellent hike today, Molly was enthusiastic, and the miles were easy.

I rejoined facebook about 4 days ago and find it to be the same vile den of pond scum that is has always been.  People actually enjoy using this platform?   Some vapid, idiots actually are addicted to it?  It makes my brain boggle to think of the depths of shallowness a person woudl have  to have to find Facebook to be anythign but a short, nasty tortuous necessity.  Like Masturbation, but without the payoff.

Don’t get me started on Twitter, the verbal violence that is allowed on there if anyone even catches a whiff of wrong-think is amazing.  Scary, and amazing.

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