01-17-2018 – Work

What I’m reading: A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived: The Human Story Retold Through Our Genes

Did the skywalker trail this morning, on the map it is a nothing walk, in reality it is all ups and downs and it clings to the side of some pretty steep cliffs.  Pretty cool.  Molly loved it.

Dumped Molly off back home afterwards and went down to cottonwood to Walmart.  I got to hobnob with humanity and honestly I could have done without it.

Came home and had 3 hours of uninterrupted work, which was rather pleasant, but I feel like I squandered it as half of the time was spent staring out the window thinking.  I felt like I should have been banging away at the keyboard the whole time.   What happens to the people you know when their capability for inhibition is removed.   Exactly how far do people go when there is no limiting them in anyway?  Thats what I am exploring right now.  It is quite fun.   It is also a change of pace form the children’s books I have been writing.

More drone parts came today, 4 cool electric motors, that look exactly like old style radial engines, a 4in1 electronic speed control and a cool camera that will allow me to fly First Person View (With a headset), but also save to an small memory card.  I still haven’t gotten around to putting anything together but gathering all the parts is fun also.

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