01-25-2018 – Work

What I’m reading: SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome

Set off on the skywalker trail this morning, around 8ish, got about halfway through, when Molly can be heard (Her metal tags jingle) running back to me, quickly.  On her heels are two coyotes.  Out of the corner of my eye I spot one coming down the hill perfectly positioned to intercept her about 10 feet in front of me.  I was able to get my revolver out and fire on the dog coming down the hill.  Caught him in the spine, dropping him instantly, he didn’t even yip.   His two compatriots bolted down the other side of the trail, where they converged with 3 other coyotes.  So in all we were being hunted by 6 of them.  I checked the one I shot and he was dead, missing the spine above his front shoulder blades.  Good penetration and excellent expansion on the single round I fired at him.

So, I gathered up Molly and we fast walked back home, the 5 coyotes followed us for about a mile.  I never really had a clear shot as they were on the open side of the trail.

Got home, found out that Sandra was feeling bad, she soldiered on though and finished out the day.  I think she will stay in bed all weekend.

I did some puttering around the house, changed out some LED bulbs, ordered some zeroscape equipment and walked Molly a bunch of times.

Did some writing, got 800 words in the can.  Laura is pretty well fleshed out, while George is in the feeling out stage (George is actually short for Georgia, a 20 year old girl).  Good progress over all. No complaints from me.

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